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Mining and History Association Wildemann

How do you feel about Wildemann?

Is it close to your heart? Do you feel connected with it? Do you perhaps even love it?

Do you enjoy it when the songs "An der Innerste" or "Mr sänn de Harzgebirchler" are sung?

Wildemann is not only about the Easter fire and St John's Day!

Support the association that aims to make sure

  • that the history of Wildemann is not forgotten
  • and that mining history is made visible and can be experienced!

The Bergwerks- und Geschichtsverein e.V. Wildemann has been active in this context for more than 25 years and at the Visitor Mine 19-Lachter-Stollen has

  • obtained and set up an electric hoisting machine in the Machine Room,
  • added a water flow control installation and a mine face as exhibitions,
  • restored the compressor in the lower wheel chamber,
  • organized the installation of new lighting in the Turbine and Compressor Room,
  • renovated the entrance building inside and outside, adding many exhibits,
  • built a weather shelter in front of the entrance as a mining-style wooden construction,
  • restored an old grotto near the portal of the gallery as well as a section of the ditch supplying water to the ore-crushing mill,
  • obtained ten mining railway wagons and a locomotive, restored and installed them,
  • renovated the portal of the 13-Lachter-Stollen and the drainage gallery leading to it and made the portal accessible again,
  • made and installed more than 80 signboards (so-called "Dennart fir trees") in historically interesting locations.

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As a member you will receive our association newsletter "Der Stollensteiger" (in German) three times a year by post, free of charge. This contains news from the association, but most importantly articles on the history of Wildemann.

Membership costs only €12.00 per year.

Help to keep alive the almost 500 years of history of the mining town of Wildemann and to preserve our visitor mine "19-Lachter-Stollen" for future generations.

Membership form (Document in german language)

Constitution BGV edition III, 2015 (Document in german language)